Is EURANIMI against all import regulations?2022-01-19T11:34:54+01:00

EURANIMI acknowledges the importance of a qualitative, competitive, and ecology-conscious European production of stainless steel and aluminium. EURANIMI realizes that import regulations are sometimes a necessary evil to ensure a level playing field between producers all over the world.

Whereas EURANIMI is conditionally in favour of protecting the production in Europe, it wants to react against the consequence of protectionist measures whereby artificially high import prices of semi-finished products inevitably result in an uncontrollable flood of too cheap imports of finished products, that severely damage the European activities related to stainless steel and aluminium import, distribution, processing, and manufacturing …and ultimately the European production itself.

What makes EURANIMI different?2020-12-16T09:06:31+01:00

EURANIMI is distinctive from other associations in our sector, because it is open ONLY to members that are INDEPENDENT of steel mills or metal producers.

Unlike other associations, EURANIMI publishes no magazine or press overview, distributes no general market or other information, issues no statistics, does not organize conferences or networking events…

EURANIMI’s sole objective is to coordinate the actions of its members related to the European import regulations, and in so doing, improve the competitiveness of the European distribution and downstream metal industry.

Who is coordinating EURANIMI?2020-12-16T12:02:14+01:00

EURANIMI is coordinated by its two members of the executive Committee, Rob Greve and Christophe Lagrange, who can demonstrate decades of experience in both associations and steel.

Rob has been for decades the general manager of the Royal Dutch Steel federation.
Before that Rob was working at the European Commission for 7 years.

Christophe has gained 25 years of steel and stainless steel experience as a manager of a Belgian agency company supplying China with steel and equipment for the steel industry, before managing during the next seven years the Belgian national association of steel & metal distribution.


How about compliance? Will Company-data be treated with discretion?2020-12-14T10:40:35+01:00

At any time EURANIMI will respect the rules of Compliance. See the “Compliance” tab.

Should company data be required for some reasons, the independent coordinators of the Association will act as trustees and treat such data in total confidentiality. Individual data will not be disclosed neither internally nor externally – only aggregated totals could be used in some cases.

Who is the spokesman of EURANIMI?2020-12-16T09:05:07+01:00

The spokesmen of EURANIMI will be designated on a case by case basis by and among those companies affected by a situation.

Who will decide to take legal actions and who will pay for it?2020-12-14T10:39:51+01:00

When a certain threat is identified, Euranimi will inform all its members. Those who feel concerned will come together (physically or by video-meeting) and evaluate the situation, guided by legal experts.

If the group decides to start common legal or other actions, an adequate strategy will be determined collectively, a provision-budget will be estimated, and a fair cost-sharing key will be agreed upon within the concerned group. As soon as the concerned provision has been collected from each participant, the agreed actions will be deployed. If the provisions were estimated too high, a pro rata refund will be made to each participant. If the provisions were too low, the concerned group will decide how to further proceed.

How much will the membership cost?2023-03-16T10:02:12+01:00

We want to pass on our low running costs directly to our members.

As we are not out to be engaged in permanent legal disputes, but rather to prevent them as a serious and relevant negotiating force, our primary aim is to count as many members as possible.

For this reason, we have kept our contributions as low as possible, divided into three scales:


  • Price for “stand-alone” companies with up to 4 plants in one EU-country.


  • Price for groups with minimum 5 plants in maximum 2 EU-countries.

International groups

  • Price for groups operating plants in at least 3 different EU-countries.

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